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SunBest Fruit Purees

Mango puree or pulp is a thick, smooth product which has been processed such that the insoluble fibrous parts of ripe mangoes (Mangifera indica) are broken up so as to be able to fit through a fine sieve. The puree is pasteurised to increase shelf life. Fruit purees also retain all of the juice and a large proportion of the fibrous matter naturally found in the raw fruit. 

Mango Puree

Mango Pulp  is produced from best quality mangoes and processed in the most technologically

advanced and fully automated manufacturing set-up. The company’s plant is located in close

proximity to the mango belt which ensures that the fruit used for processing is the best.

The products are known globally for their nutritional value, consistent quality and irresistibly

natural taste. The company adheres to strict quality guidelines and has due certification from

the ISO & HACCP.

3.1kg x 6 cans/carton   – 1000 cartons per 20ft Container

White Guava Puree

Guava puree is obtained from ripe guava fruit, one of the highest sources of Vitamin C. Both purees are mainly used for conversion of jam, ice cream, pudding and yogurt.

3.1kg x 6 cans/carton   – 1000 cartons per 20ft Container
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